2022 Beechworth Roussanne

2022 Beechworth Roussanne

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Grown in Beechworth, 6.5km from the main township. 400m+ elevation, the soil is 450 million year old granitic loam over decomposed gravel and clay. The clay is important in allowing sustained water-release to the vine roots; while the soil, being not too rich, is ideal for wine quality - lower yields are naturally regulated.

The average rainfall is 800 mm annually. Nights are generally cool with days being fairly warm, providing ideal conditions for slow ripening. All grapes are hand-picked, cropping levels are approximately 2.5 tonnes per acre.

Wholebunch pressed and barrel fermented in aged French oak. Left on lees for 6 months, bottled on site in Waywurru country.

Artwork by Bridgette McNab, an old Sicilian love story about Teste di Moro. The story of a Moorish soldier falling in love with a woman from Palermo, they were madly in love until she learned that he had another family back home. She cut off his head in a fit of rage, planted her basil in it and left it on her balcony for the town to see. She had the most fertile basil in all of Palermo and the rest of the town soon started to sculpt ceramic heads in the hope that their basil would be just as good.

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